Invisible Clothes Korean Artists - Girlband South Korea is on the rise. Their appearance is always sexy and cheerful while on stage makes the girl band was an idol. Not surprisingly, all of the personnel who average girl band beautiful and sexy has been the center of attention.

Invisible Clothes Korean Artists
As happened in the personnel girl band Miss A, Suzy. He was in the spotlight because of the pictures while wearing a see-through widely circulated. It started when an entertainment 'Mnet Wide Entertainment' leaked atmosphere backstage footage from the music event 'MAMA 2011'.
The event showed Suzy wearing a black lace. However, that attract attention, the boss is transparent so it looks underwear and body shape of the artist.
However, Suzy's front cover with a purple sweater. Yet, still, the back of Suzy's body looks so obvious. Indeed lace dress trends that expose the body was popular a few times lately, and accepted in western countries.
But, not in Korea. And that is the conversation and invite a variety of public reaction.Suzy was considered too daring in dress with a new age of 18.
Various mixed reactions netizen commented Suzy invisibility suit. There are some that give negative comments mediocre.
"Please do not wear the type of clothes that have not been in accordance with the age," said one netizen as quoted from allkpop.
However, there is also praise for Suzy. He is considered fit to wear the clothes. "Hewas still a goddess regardless of what she wore," said another netizen. "From the perspective of a girl, she is beautiful and fashionable," said another. (Vivanews)

picture Suzy Miss A Transparan

Suzy Miss A Transparan picture

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