Naturally, "Syahrini" Change Style like Victoria BeckhamNaturally, "Syahrini" Change Style like Victoria Beckham -
Jambul Syahrini equator and appearance while welcoming David Beckham became a byword commnunity. Not a bit of envy even the appearance Syahrini pout because they mimic the style of the star's wife, Victoria Adams.
But the vocalist of 'Element', Ferdy appearance Syahrini Taher considers it as a natural thing. According to him okay if Syahrini want to style like Victoria.
"If Syahrini kepengin dressing like Victoria Beckham style so it is legitimate wrote, wrote that the origin of the name change should not be Victoria," its value when found in Fx Cone, Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (11/30/2011).
Although many many satirical artists Syahrini, Ferdy still assessing what a former friend Anang duet is still understandable. He even praised the equatorial crest Syahrini property which recently became public gossip.
"He wanted to look nice I think is legitimate wrote, or a longer talk about a great-great-crested aja yes maybe it could've become characteristic of him. So no need dipusingin, "he said.
"If there is a chance to see Beckham as kayaking Syahrini yes definitely, going all-out grooming. He wanted to look nice I think is legitimate aja lah, "he added.
While night Syahrini come watch a football game between the Indonesia national team against LA. Galaxy at the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. He was wearing a tight white T-shirt signed by Beckham in the chest.
"I wear a tight white T-shirt plus sign Beckham on the right chest. Signed by the time he was a private party last night, "he said when contacted via telephone detikhot, Wednesday (11/30/2011).
"There's eagle pin on the left chest. Embroidered gold eagle blink-blink on the back.Red-white flag pin on the upper back. Blue jeans brands Victoria Beckham and red high heels, "he continued detailing his appearance.
Singer of 'I Choose You' was admitted very enthusiastic about watching the match.He fully supports the Indonesia national team that can win against LA. The Galaxy.
"I'm an all-out support for the Indonesia national team," he said excitedly. (Detikhot)

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