Paris Hilton Buy Ferrari Rp. 2.7 Billion! - Actress and socialite Paris Hilton has bought back buy a luxury car. This time he bought the car Ferrari California Spyder's latest series of Rp. 2.7 Billion. Wow!
As reported by Us Magazine, Tuesday (11/29/2011), the car will be marketed starting 2012. Paris bought a red sports car on Friday (26/11/2011) then.

Paris Hilton Buy Ferrari Rp. 2.7 Billion! "We're glad he bought the car from this company. We realize this will have a great impact worldwide. And Paris is perfect with our brand, "said the source of the car company.
"When Paris came, all eyes were on him," he added.
The car was immediately escorted to the residence of film star 'House of Wax' was in Los Angeles. He was immediately showcased his latest collection is the car for a walk with her sister, Nicky Hilton.
"Just driving my new car for the first time such a beautiful car and fun to drive!," Wrote Paris in his personal twitter account on Monday (11/28/2011) (detikhot)

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