An entertaining way BROKE UP A NEW FRIEND LOVE (TIPS) - Entertaining new friends broken heart, not by visiting, getting angry and blaming her former lover because your friend has made the heart hurt. Instead of wasting energy, it's better to do positive things to help her through the problem.
These four things you can do to entertain new friends out of love, as quoted from Your Tango.
1. So a Good Listener
When a friend was heartbroken, usually all they need is someone to listen to the outpouring of the heart and sincerely lamented . Without the opinion of the judge, criticism or suggestions that actually make a mental pushing down. Things you can do on a friend who had a broken heart, being around him and gave him comfort.
2. Do not vilify ex-boyfriend
Listening tell new friend breakup, probably will make you want to curse or speak ill of the man who has made your friends get hurt. Resist the desire, because your current role as a friend who helped him overcome the problem and looking straight into the future better, not bring it back to a painful past.
Maybe with disfigure her former lover, do you think a form of solidarity. But the action that just makes the problem more complicated, you end up hating other people too, and add to the enemy.
3. Talk a little, A lot of Acting
In matters of helping a friend with a broken heart, action will be more useful than words. Offer whatever assistance you can provide. Maybe you could take him to the amusement park, watching movies, going to art shows or other activities he enjoys.This action will gradually help him forget a love story that ends sadly.
4. Provide Special Time With Me
At the weekend, leave aside the first schedule your date with your partner. Give her understanding that currently need your friends more than her lover. Meet your friends at home, spend time together with the discussion, watching TV, cooking together, or, help him get rid of stuff memories your friend's ex-lover. Do this for several days so he knows that there is someone who will support them both in good times and sad. This will help him recover mentally.

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