Women pierced 6005 - Whether what Elaine Davidson had in mind when deciding which pierced his body beautiful for the first time. Yet he finally did it anyway. And it took him achieve the record for most pierced woman in the world.

Women pierced 6005
6005 are now pinned on her metal earrings. 1500 including earrings that are in an area covered with Davidson. When crowned Guinness World Record in 2000, Davidson had 462 piercings only, 192 of whom are in his face.
In August 2001, it solves its own record with 720 piercings on his body. He was present at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, showing a collection of piercing. Now, nine years after the inauguration of the record, Davidson has 6005 piercings. He claimed to actually do not like pierced and solely for art.
"I do not enjoy when pierced. However, to break the record I have reached the highest level. I personally want to break the record," I Davidson.
In the family, no one who likes tattoos or piercings. "But I am happy that I decided to change and be myself," he said. Currently holds most pierced woman in the world, many people who want to meet him. "People usually just want to see or touch me. Some of them even wanted to kiss me," he said.
Davidson previously worked as a nurse who now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He opened the piercing studio named Tropical Rainbow Paradise Shop in Nicholson Street, Edinburgh.
Given Davidson has undergone thousands of piercings, of course its customers confident security, experience and friendly service from his own studio. Not only that, the studio Davidson also offers aromatherapy products, jewelry and ethnic clothing.
Although born in Brazil, Davidson was afraid if it should be returned to his hometown. He reasoned that the crime rate in Brazil that makes higher the reluctance to get there. Last time I went to Brazil, I had to wear a face mask. Since I wear jewelry in the entire body, my fear of being robbed or attacked while on the road, Davidson said bluntly.
One of Davidson's motivation in life is to feel pain. He has been walking on nails, fire, or broken glass. "I love the pain. I love him," said Davidson. Similarly, when she decided to pierce his private area. There are 500 piercings, on areas outside and inside the genitals. "The pain like when pierced in the chest," he recalls.
Until now, Davidson never move the rings and earrings on her. He estimated the weight of accessories that are used to achieve three pounds more. Nevertheless, he never bothered while doing their daily activities.

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