Reveals the "SECRET BEAUTY" "JILL Gladys"
AWARE beauty itself is a major asset in the world artist , Jill Gladys was routinely keep these precious treasures. Like what to do?

Reveals the "SECRET BEAUTY" "JILL Gladys"
One of the important capital is the appearance of celebrities that include toe to hair.Not surprisingly, all critical care related to these matters was done for the sake of beauty always radiates when in public.
Jill Gladys, this white-skinned actress be one that is very concerned with the appearance. Therefore, a series of treatments so that she always does look beautiful.
"Every woman is different the best way to care for her. For me, it's important treatments such as hair, face, body, and the other, "he said as quoted by the tabloid Genie 23 issue (6-12 January 2012).
Women who take on the role as a single parent is saying, if he was diligent in cleaning the skin with baby oil and moisturizer to daub their skin is not dry.
"I used to do facials, and then diligently clean and use a moisturizer. Usually I use baby oil to help treat the skin, face and body skin, "he said.
In addition to the face, keeping the focus of Jill's beauty rests on the feet and hands.For that, he rarely missed any treatments at the salon manicure and pedicure.
"At least once a month I did a manicure and pedicure. I like to take care of toenails and hands. In fact, many baseball people who are too concerned with her ​​nails. But for me, more beautiful nails interesting to see, "he concluded

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