Where's my Water Disney iPhone, iPad, iPod GameWHERE’S MY WATER GAME FUN IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD GAME - WHERE’S MY WATER is actually a kind of puzzle game. It is basically provided by the Disney mainly for the device I Phone and other IOS gadgets. In this game there is a male character named Swampy. Swampy is an alligator cartoon character and it to a great extent needs water to be happy. Now the player’s destination is to get the water back to Swampy by the use of various different gear and actions. Most of the time the process of getting back the water starts with used up on the screen to construct a tunnel through which the water can flow. The levels of the game every now and then become difficult. Then the player can easily be referred back to the immediate start guide that will help the player to get to know all the tips that the player would need to get the water flow smoothly again. There is a huge list of tips that a player can go through before starting the game or also can read through if he or she get stuck at any stage. The recommended tips are as
To start the “where’s my water” game the player firstly has to download and set up the application of the game by clicking on the option “play now” which is displayed on the top of the screen.
The application can be found on the home screen once the installation of the game has been completed. Then hit the icon labeled “where’s my water?” to get the game be started.
The player would be taken to the main menu screen of the game after start up. Then the player is asked to click on the play button to start the game.
Where's my Water Disney iPhone, iPad, iPod GameThe player’s intention in the game “where’s my water” is to give the water back to the cartoon character Swampy so that he can have a shower along with some other activities. There is a place below the city streets where the cartoon Swampy lives in and there are broken pipes and some other obstructions in the road that can block Swamp's access to water. There are few levels in the game. At the very first level the player will face a broken pipe and dirt in the path of the water. Though this is a quite easy level where the player just needs to swipe it. At the end of each level the player will be shown what Swampy is doing the water. The player’s aim in the game is just to make Swampy happy

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