MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION REVIEW FOR IOS AND ANDROID copyMinecraft Pocket Edition is a new version of the hugely popular PC game is now being built specifically for the IOS and the Android platform. minecraft: no enemy, no health bar, and no craft or collection.
the players were given full access to 27 types of individuals from the original block,and several other items such as mushrooms, curls and lakes. Players can use this tool to make at home in the world marks randomly generated block is formed by thick Minecraft pixel art. Multiplayer-minded players can build up with local friends via local wireless network.
A quick summary, for complete beginners Minecraft: after generating a new world in random order (which may have high mountains, lakes, deserts, swamps, or a combination of biomes), the player will hit the block landscape without instruction or guidance. The only goal? Establish what happened. To put a block equip player sonly play down menu, and then tap where you go. Celebration of the touch screen"mine" the block to erase.
What we really think?
Minecraft: Pocket Edition is very nice. Within minutes you can create a small brick house with a window, flowers in the garden, an entrance hall. And buildings in collaboration with friends even more satisfying. There are enough types of blocks and other objects that each player can create their own unique world of the block.
Minecraft Pocket Edition hits the mark. Without the development of the enemies of the game, or a collection of resources, construction experience a sudden most of the players.

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