Now Computers Can Recognize You Only from Photos - The experts succeeded in creating software that is able to recognize someone's face and determine whether it is your family or not. Want to know?
Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, 'train' the software to be able to determine the two men are brothers or not to use pictures of parents and children as reported by the DM.

komputer kenal foto
This process itself was first discovered scientists from Cornell University in Ithaca,New York, who succeeded in narrowing the facial features to get you the biggest clue. Apparently, this can be seen from the contour of facial features and eye color.
Head researcher Jiwen Lu of the University of Singapore using 320 pairs of photographs of parents and children and the success of this software in determining the blood ties that exist at 68%. Thanks to a new algorithm of Rougu Fang at Cornell University, the success rate increased to 71%. How do you think?

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