Moroccan Women Apply Now Brave Men - In the tradition of the Middle East and most parts of the world, ideally are the men who took the initiative to apply for women. In Morocco, the tradition began to shift.
Naeema Al-Mansouri for example. He decided to propose to his fiancee after a longcourtship. Naeema felt appropriate to propose to his fiancee because he felt it wasready to be a good wife.
"Back then we were attending a wedding. I then met his future mother-in-law. I also expressed my intentions to him," said Naeema as quoted, Wednesday (21/12).
Prospective mother-in-law, he added, agreed with the proposal. He loved it and said there was no problem with marriage. He will decide today where formal meetings can be conducted.
"He likes me. He said as long as it agrees to live with her ​​mother. Therefore, he feltlonely if we stay away from him. I agree and now he's like a mother to me," said Naeema happy.
Hend, 30, claimed her husband's desperate apply. "I told him to want to marry me.I've got a bunch of flowers to smooth talk me," he said with a smile.
Hend adding that her husband was shocked. Because, her husband was not yet officially divorced his first wife.

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