David Archuleta Break From Music! - Singer David Archuleta makes a sad announcement, where on Sunday (19/12), he said he would quit the music for the next few years.

David ArchuletaShown in Salt Lake City as part of a tour of My Kind of Christmas, as reported by Aceshowbiz 20-year-old singer says, "I will announce an important announcement:that I have chosen to become a missionary."
Runner up American Idol season 7 this began in tears, where the fans cheering for immediate support. After a pause of about one minute, he said, "This is not a thing that was asked by someone to me to do and not because I do not want the music again. It's because I feel I should do next in my life."
David Archuleta after this is going to serve in the Mormon church as a young missionary, in which it required him to follow strict rules, such as he may only receive telephone twice during the year and also he could not close with his mother.
Before you vacuum, David Archuleta is going to a concert once again in Beavercreek, Colorado on Wednesday next.

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