Cheryl Cole, Artist With a salary of Rp. 212 Million Per Second - From a few rows of the U.S. X Factor judge, the jury is one of the newly issued Cheryl Cole from thence by Simon Cowell. And Cheryl Cole has been getting his salary alone is not a few others.
U.S. X Factor is a talent show and one of the jury is Cherly Cole and Simon Cowell, but a few days before filming the show, Simon Cowell stopped Cherly Cole of the U.S. X Factor judge and was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger.

Cherly Cole's only appeared for 80 seconds and get paid of £ 1.2 million or equivalent to Rp. 17 billion, and paid for it already includes large for a jury.
The jury was also rumored to 99 word he said he paid for £ 12,000 or equivalent to Rp. 184 million, this is as quoted by the Daily Star.
Cheryl was the one who finally laughed his way to the bank. "This is the easiest way to get money," said one source who claims.
80 Seconds = 17 Billion
99 words = 184 million


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