5 trees are unique in the world - Tree or plant is also subject to the woody stems and branches. The tree has a main stem that grows upright, propped up the tree canopy. The tree is distinguished from the bush by his appearance. Also has a woody shrub stems, but do not grow upright.Thus, the banana tree is not true because it has no true woody stems. The types of ornamental roses rather a shrub than a tree because although woody stems do not stand up straight and their habitats are likely to spread to close the ground surface.
Well here are five trees in the World Most Sensational version of http://collect-picture.blogspot.com want to know what it's refer to the following:

1. World's Biggest Trees

World's Biggest Trees Giant Sequoia
General Sherman is the name giver of the Giant Sequoia is. This is one of the giant Sequoia tree in the world's tallest with a height of about 275 feet (84.8 meters).Although not the tallest tree in the world (coast redwood is higher), this is the largest in volume, making it the largest in the world known as the volume of a single organism. As of 2002, the volume of its trunk measured about 1487 cubic meters.This tree is located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in the United States.The tree is believed to be between 2300 and 2700 years. Named after General William Tecumseh Sherman, chairman of the American Civil War in 1879. Measuring more than 115 feet, Hyperion in Redwood National Park is currently the world's tallest tree
2. Tree Top in the World

Tree Top in the World Coast Redwood tree in California

Hyperion, a Coast Redwood tree in California, with a height of 115.5 meters is the tallest tree in the world, discovered in 2006. Hyperion is the name of a Northern California coastal redwood tree that has been confirmed to measure 115.55 m(379.1 ft.), which ranks highest in the world are known to be alive. Although high,Hyperion is not the largest known coast redwood.
3. Tree tumbles, stood again on its own

Tree tumbles, stood again on its own
This incident occurred in filigree incident started when the day of Friday last week(14/Jan) winds toppled a large tree on the side of the road, about 5 KM from the junction towards Tanjung Pure Rengas Dengklok. The fall of this great tree cover the entire body of the road.
Local residents worked together to clean up later initiatives fallen tree by pruning the branches of a tree branch across the street a little. As well as to utilize the wood for firewood.
Excitement occurs when people are resting after a successful cut some tree kedondong limbs the horse. Unexpectedly the tree suddenly shifted like a new person to sleep and slowly but surely rose up again. Tree roots that had been partially pulled back neatly with the surrounding ground level ..
Suddenly strange things that scandalize people, spread so fast the news nowhere,plus seasonings and mystical. The traverse at the scene (22/Jan) residents still gathered around the tree which left only about two and a half feet tall, residents who gathered tie up traffic flow.
4. Creepy Trees in Britain
Trees in Stowlangtoft in Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk, is famous not because of the high reaching 21 meters, but because of its horrible.

Creepy Trees in Britain

The holes in the tree form the face of a terrible, especially the mouth. Even the hole"mouth" which seemed to have wide teeth and tongue twisted.
The tree was first seen by David Garn ham and is now crowned as the most horrible tree in Britain. Garn ham argues, the tree natural version of the painting "Scream" by edvard Munch.
5. The Profit Tree Nest Covered Earnings

The Profit Tree Nest Covered Earnings

Millions of spiders in Pakistan to do something that has never been done before.They fled into the tree and the busy-busy making nests that envelops the entire tree.
This event was first immortalized by a photographer who came from Sindh province in southeast Pakistan, near Karachi, where the trees there bandage by cobwebs like a cocoon.
This event had never happened before. However, residents reported that the presence of webs of spiders in the trees has contributed in reducing the number of mosquitoes in that place, whose population became increasingly due to waterlogging

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