Well time for my current Top 10 Korean model list! Here are the babes!

But before that: One more thing.

Lately I have been having requests to re-upload photo albums for posts that have multiupload and megaupload as their file serving links.

I will state this again; as I did before here.

I usually do delete the files after uploading them to the cloud servers. If it's gone (Megaupload), it's gone. I don't keep backup cause I don't have the space or money to buy hard disks for backups for ALL the files which by now; should be in the the 500 Gig range. (After 1874 worth of posts!)

So apologies if you did not get them before; but it's simply impossible for me to re-upload them again, so please kindly don't request it.

I know it sucks, as I did put in a lot of effort to upload them, and now they are all gone; but well, that's life.

You can however download the pictures individually from the posts. Too see how to download the original resolution; see here.

I do keep the Wallpapers and Digital Paintings I've done however, so I will be re-uploading them in the near future when I've the time, so keep a look out for it!

One more thing, a shameless shout-out to my deviantArt page. Please check it out!

So enough of that, on with the sexy girls!

1. Han Song I (한송이). Nothing is more Heaven than Han Song I, in a sexy short mini dress or skirt. Absolutely gorgeous with a devilish figure (smoking hot legs, ass, and some serious under-rated weapons up front)
Han Song I

2. Lee Eun Hye (이은혜). Having one of the best pair of legs in the business and a look that can melt your heart in an instant; she is second to none, (well except Han Song I)
Lee Eun Hye

3. Lee Eun Seo (이은서). She's getting my attention after appearing in that sexy white mini dress and she continues to impress. Look out for her! Deadly curves with a super model aura.
Lee Eun Seo

4. Cha Seon Hwa (차선화). Traffic Stopper. Enough said. A combination of sexy and elegance; the ultimate head-turner.
Cha Seon Hwa

5. So Yeon (소연). Cute, sexy, busty. Always among the very best!
So Yeon
6. Bang Eun Young (방은영)
Bang Eun Young

7. Ryu Ji Hye's (류지혜)
Ryu Ji Hye

8. Hwang Mi Hee (황미희)
Hwang Mi Hee

9. Kim Ha Yul (김하율)
Kim Ha Yul

10. Kim In Ae (김인애)
Kim In Ae

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