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The women also have started vying to adorn their bodies with tattoos. Including the celebrity world that have an average of more than one tattoo.
However, the celebrity women who are known for beautiful and sexy is not just any make tattoos. Average body tattoos that adorn the celebrity women have beautiful and unique meaning. So, who are they?
1. Megan Fox

Megan Fox known as one of the artists who have a sexy body. To add to its appeal, Fox added a tattoo on some part of his body.
Tattoos that adorn the body beautiful wife of Brian Austin Green is not just any pictures or writing. But, the tattoo is a personal message for him and has its own meaning. The first tattoo is on the back right rear. He makes a tattoo with the words 'We will all laugh at Gilded butterflies'.

megan fox tattoos
Like when the artist is a star in a video clip Rihanna and Eminem's song titled 'Love The Way You Lie'. He also showed a number of tattoos on the tape. As a tattoo that was in his hands.
In the ribs, Fox also has a tattoo of writing in the English language. These are the words written in his ribs, 'there once was a little girl WHO Never Knew love until a boy broke her HEART'.
Not only the sentence, on his right wrist shows the image of Marilyn Monroe's face.However, this tattoo reportedly been removed. Meanwhile, in his right ankle, the star of the movie 'Transformers' has a crescent moon pictures made with a color ink . still not satisfied, it also adds a tattoo artist Yin and Yang symbol on his left wrist. If viewed from a distance symbol that is not clearly visible. Then, at the back of the neck, he also has a tattoo inks made of China as a symbol of strength. He did not forget to get a tattoo bearing the name of her husband at the covered body.
2. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is one of the female artist who likes to decorate his body with tattoos.Finally, Brad Pitt's partner is a tattoo that had horrendous. The seventh tattoo made is considered a sign of Jolie Jolie wants to adopt another child. But, there is also a saying that the meaning of the tattoo because he was married to Pitt.

angelina jolie tattoos
Various kinds of speculation was triggered because the tattoo reads map coordinates. And its existence is located under tattoos birthplace coordinates of six children. However, Jolie explained if the tattoo shows Pitt's birthplace.
Tattoos in Jolie's body was made in the various countries he visited. A dragon tattoo with blue tongue is also a favorite movie star 'Salt' this. Jolie admitted that tattoos are made unintentionally. make tattoo when he was in Holland and was very surprised with the results of the final tattoo.
3. Lea Michele
Stars series 'Glee' Lea Michele to add a row of Hollywood celebrities who like tattoos. As quoted from page Female first, Michele claimed to have 10 tattoos that adorn his body.

Lea Michele tattoo
According to Michele, each tattoo has a special meaning for him. The actress was born August 29, 1986, among others, has a tattoo that read 'I Believe' on his wrist, the tone of the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and drawing a butterfly on her back.According to Michele, she would not stop tattooing his body.
4. Rihanna

rihanna tattos
Seemed to not be outdone by the other artist, Rihanna is also a hobby decorate his body with text and images. Reportedly, the owner of the name Robyn Rihanna Fenty has 15 tattoos located on his body.
Tattoos were scattered from the head to toe. As images of stars contained in his ear. Meanwhile, behind his right ear there is a tattoo bearing the Pisces. Later in the neck to his left there is a tattoo that read 'rebelle fleur'. In the chest there is also a form of writing tattoos 'Never a failure, always a lesson'.
On his left shoulder, Rihanna is also a tattoo with writing the Roman numeral "XI-IV-LXXXVI '. That is the date of birth assistant, Melissa Forde. Forde also had the same tattoo, but Rihanna's birthday.
While in the back behind him, there is a tattoo with a picture of little stars. The tattoo looks elegant. And a little text and other images at closed parts of his body. Also in the feet and hands Rihanna.
5. Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus and her tattoo
Relatively young age does not preclude follow in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus for seniors. Cyrus was noted to have several tattoos with different colors on his body.That said, Cyrus deliberately tattooing his body because he wanted to remove the image as a teenage artist.
Tattoos decorate the body of this young artist, among others, heart picture, the cross, the word 'Love' in his right ear, as well as the writings of 'Just Breathe' on the neck.
And former star of 'Hannah Montana' also has a tattoo with the symbol 'dream catcher' in the torso. Tattoo is depicted with the symbol of four feathers.
"The tattoo is taken from the painting that hangs above the bed of Cyrus, pictorial 4 feathers to represent the four brothers," said a close friend of the artist in People Magazine.
6. Nicole Richie
Troubled artist who now has 'Repentant' is touted to have nine tattoos. The most frequently discussed is the rosary tattoos that adorn his left ankle. He also has a cross tattooed on the back.

nicole richie tattos
Tattoos are also adorned his body is tattooed ballerina shoes that are in his stomach. Reportedly, the tattoo was made in honor of Nicole's song 'Ballerina Girl' who created the father, Lionel Richie, for her.
In Nicole's back tattoo there are a pair of angel wings with bright colors. While in the back of the neck there is a tattoo that said Richie. And the last is a tattoo that read 'virgin' in his right wrist.
7. Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham also likes to get a tattoo on his body. He mentioned having about six or seven tattoos. His first tattoo is located on the lower back. Tattoo picture five stars representing the family. Beckham and his three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. When making this tattoo, Victoria has not been blessed with four children, Harper Seven.

The second tattoo on the back of his neck. Tattoos are also owned by Beckham.Tattoos are made on their wedding anniversary the sixth. The tattoo reads Hebrew.The third tattoo that Victoria is a paper owned by Roman numerals on her wrist.
The tattoo reads May 8, 1997 and was made to commemorate the time he and Beckham had kiss for the first time. Victoria felt it was a major event in his life that must always be remembered.
While tattoos owned four tattoo Victoria is marked 'DB' on his wrist. The tattoo stands for her husband's name. Another tattoo is a tattoo that means is still a puzzle.The tattoo is located under the heading of Roman numerals on his right wrist.
And one more, a tattoo that is located right under the heading 'DB' on his left wrist that was written from the ancient Hebrew meaning 'together forever'.

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