Bob Hair Luna Maya become a trend in 2012 - Short hair style artist and singer also started the much-loved Luna Maya and is expected to be a trend in 2012. Some salons claim received many requests from customers who asked for his hair cut like a beautiful artist who starred in his latest film My Girlfriend is the Blackberry.

Bob Hair Luna Maya become a trend in 2012Luna Maya at the end of 2011 to cut her long hair. With his latest short hairstyles, Luna Maya look pretty.
"Starting Sunday (1 / 1), every day there are only asking for his hair cut a la Luna Maya," said Yuni (40) salon owners in the area south of Semarang, Semarang, Wednesday (04/1/2012).
Not a few of the customers and beautiful long hair cut short but ask, continued Yuni, because in the new year to come up with new trends to follow.
"Most of them just say, Ms. Luna Maya-style haircut and yes I am I immediately understand," he said.
According to Yuni, flat-Average customers last year admitted if the long hair style, then this year to be different with short hair.
Intercessor (27) one of the salon's customers Yuni claimed bob hair cut with style after seeing the recent appearance of Luna Maya.
"Luna beautiful with short hair now, so want to cut too," he said.
Princess (30) which also follows the style of Luna Maya admitted join bob cut because it had not cut her hair.
"After a short cut, it felt so much younger and it's also more 'fresh' and the spirit," he said.
Santi, owner of the salon Cantiq's also claimed to have received requests bob haircut from many walks ranging from school children to the mother-housewife.
"They claimed to have been bored after a year long hair and want to try short hair. In 2011 long hair styles and hair styles in 2012 with short pieces," said the mother of this child.

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