Windows App Store To Open February 2012 - There’s no stopping that Metro UI – the new look and feel of the ‘future according to Microsoft’ has been chosen for Microsoft Windows 8 App Portal – the Windows App Store to you and me. Windows App Store release and Open February 2012

Content incorporates content from Disney, eBooks, and magazines, as well as games like Cut the Rope. Bing is included, enabling users to navigate the store catalog or check for new products. Corporate users will be impressed by the ability to integrate app purchases by companies into the corporate network. A local version of the store can even be deployed on a company’s infrastructure.

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Developers of free apps will only be able to sell through the Windows App Portal by special invitation, helping Microsoft ensure quality prevails.

Windows App Store To Open February 2012

Microsoft will be pocketing 30% of all sales in the store, so they’ve every interest in ensuring a seamless experience for enterprise and private users alike. But this is more than that; when the store opens to the public in February 2012, it will be a coming-of-age moment for Microsoft as it steps up to the plate with Google Android Market, Apple App Store and even Amazon App Store.

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