AMD Edges Into Ultraportable Market - Ultraportables or ultrabooks as they’re called these days, are all the rage at the moment, but until now they’ve only been available with Intel processors.
Now AMD has refined its portable chips so that they consume less power and produce less heat. AMD now combines CPU and GPU on a single chip to make an accelerated processor unit or APU, whose energy demands and heat production are further reduced. So chunky, noisy, power-hungry fans aren’t necessary. And thus AMD can produce a processor chip which can be slotted into the ultra-thin format of an ultraportable, while still offering the levels of performance necessary on notebooks aiming to take market share from the slender, show-stopping Macbook Air. Such as lightning quick boot speed or resume-from-sleep wake times.
So amongst the thirty of forty ultraportables debuting at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, perhaps one or two will feature the new AMD Brazos 2.0 APU, which should be powerful enough to churn through Blu-ray video decoding or 3D gaming without breaking sweat. And just as importantly, AMD processors are invariably much cheaper than their Intel counterparts, so we might even see ultraportables falling in price to mid-range business machine levels.

According to Australian IT blog we are to see new ultrabooks sporting AMD Brazos 2.0 processors in CES in January 2012. Can’t wait.

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