'Call of Duty' Modern Warfare 3This year's hottest game Call of Duty: "Modern Warfare 3" achieved profits of U.S. $ 1 billion (Rp9 trillion). Wow!
"The sale of game Call of Duty series has reached a USD $ 1 billion in just two weeks after launch," said the company producing the game.
Activision Blizzard on Sunday announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has made ​​a profit of USD 1 billion in just 16 days after its launch on 8 November 2011.
"Call of Duty newest franchise has become a kind of entertainment that makes it a genre in itself," said Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Publishing, Activision.
"Every year many people who participated liked Call of Duty. This game has attracted more than 30 million gamers, with 6 million registered gamers who playonline," he added.
When the launch of Call of Duty: "Modern Warfare 3", people all over the world lined up to buy the game which is the eighth title of the series of COD games.

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