Rima Fakih, The Sexy Former Beauty Queen Arrested USA - Rima Fakih acting up again. Miss United State of America USA) 2010, which could create a scene for the emergence of nude photographs were reportedly arrested by police on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.
Rima Fakih, The Sexy Former Beauty Queen Arrested USAPeople magazine calls, 26-year-old beauty queen was stopped on the highway police Highland Park, Michigan. For his actions, the Rima-American beauty queen who was a first-Islam must be prepared languishing in prison.
"He was very sad and very sorry for the situation he faces now," said attorney Donald Rima Fakih.
Rima Fakih won the Miss USA pageant in May 2010. Title ended June 19, 2011.Rima becomes representative of the state of Michigan won the first trophy since1993. Rima-blooded Arabs also became the only Muslim woman beauty contest winner
Before this incident, Rima has appeared nude in "Stripper 101" in the year 2007 ago. At that time he was defending himself, not as bad a state that allegedly occurred over what appears in the media.
"I'm just being silly. I know it looks really negative but it's not really what you've seen Ido not do anything wrong," he said at the time. (peoplemagazine).

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