Raising Rabbits way and Benefits - HOW RABBIT FARMING AND its profits
Potential and rabbit breeding purposes:
Meat producer, may as an alternative to meet the nutritional needs for the family.Among the types of rabbit meat, income is: Vlaams, New Zealand, England White, etc.
Producing seedlings or seeds, intended to get a replacement livestock (stock replacement) as well as ornamental livestock. Types of rabbit are much in demand for ornamental livestock include: angora, lion, and spotted rex

Raising Rabbits way and Benefits
Fur-producing and industrial material, for example, is a type of angora rabbits.Within a year angora rabbit wool is able to produce 100-200 grams with 4 times the cuts. But in our country no one has been seeking.
As an experimental material medical or laboratory animals
Advantages Raising Rabbits
Our little tangent about five farm businesses:
Panca farm businesses
1. The use of quality seeds
2. cage eligible
3. provision of appropriate rations (quantity and quality)
4. Prophylaxis
5. Marketing of products or product
Tips for choosing a good rabbit:
- Agile and active movement
- Having a high appetite
- Performance of the body balanced (large head with a body length, etc.)
- Round-eyed glowing, her eyes clean membrane, having a sharp and bright outlook
- His ears were wide and a minimum length of 10 cm
- The parts are hollow (nose, mouth, ears, anus) looks cleaner
- Legged normal (look strong, sturdy and short nails)
round-bodied, wide chested, solid and singset
- Hairy clean, slick, smooth, shiny and flat
- Its tail looks small, grow straight up and looked attaches to the back and the form is not skewed
- Another sign for the female parent is to have enough fur to make nests birth attendants, has a wide waist and nipple number at least 8
- Incoming sunlight enough
- Cool-temperate, ranging between 15-20 ° C
- Have good ventilation for air movement
- Place dry
- The environment quiet and not far from home, because it deals with the safety of livestock
- There is shade grown around the cage
Advantages Raising Rabbits
- Material inexpensive, durable, and easy on the can
- Able to protect livestock from inclement weather
- Having the sewage
- The floor can be made from wire cages, bamboo and wood
- The size of the cage can be flexible, can be used a benchmark size LxWxH: 90 × 60x60 cm, bear-sized nest LxWxH: 40 × 30x30 cm
A good rabbit food is composed of forage vegetables, grains, and food reinforcement (concentrate). Forage food provided, among others, a kind of grass, waste vegetables such as spinach, watercress, cauliflower leaves, carrot leaves, carrots, and others. Green vegetables that will be given to these rabbits that could have withered and not fresh. Withering process in addition to enhanced levels of crude fiber, also to remove sap or toxins that can cause cramps or diarrhea. Grains can be finely ground corn (just to mix concentrate), concentrates: pollard (wheat bran), fine bran, pulp (limited).
Feeding schedule:
Forage with the least amount awarded around 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock in the morning after the cage is cleaned out first, then at 10.00 am given concentrates, and forages given at 15.00 again but in large numbers
Advantages Raising Rabbits
The amount of feed given
Concentrate for
Parent bunting about 1 ounce / day, and for the parent feeding: 1.5 to 2 ounces / day, while forage freely given. A good feed conversion is 3:1
Rabbit disease that often arises is mange (scabies), diarrhea and flatulence. For scabies you can treat it with vormectin we could buy at a nearby poultry Shoup.Diarrhoea caused by the wrong diet or food provided was stale forage fiber contains little water. For flatulence disease can be prevented by not providing food that is still wet or the water content is high enough. How to treat it is with the administration of drugs such as sulfa norit or fennel oil.
Advantages Raising Rabbits
Marketing of products or product
The product or result of raising rabbits is as follows:
1. Meat / carcass
2. Saplings / seedlings
3. Fur / skin
4. Research
5. Dirt

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