Preparation for keeping fish Bawal - We discuss the preparation of Fish Bawal maintain both, starting from preparation of ponds, seeding seed selection, quality and mode of administration, preparation of harvest maintain both Bawal Fish, Fish Preparation maintain both Bawal
Preparation for keeping fish Bawal

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INTRODUCTION Preparation maintain both Fish Bawal
Enlargement of business done with the intent to obtain the consumption of fish size or size preferred by consumers. Pomfret fish enlargement can be performed in ground pools and permanent ponds, both in monoculture and polyculture.Freshwater pomfret is currently much in demand as a food fish and is suitable for cultivation in Magelang regency. Bawal Fish have several features include: high resistance to unfavorable conditions limnologis. Besides taste the meat was quite tasty, almost like a carp meat.
POND PREPARATION Preparation maintain both Fish Bawal
Pomfret fish pond for maintenance prepared like other freshwater fish. Preparation of this pool is intended to foster the natural food in sufficient quantities. Once the pond is completely dry bottom of the pond needs to limed with calcium oxide or dolomite with a dose of 25 kg per 100 square feet. This is to increase the pH of the soil, can also be to kill pests and pathogens that are resistant to the drying process.Pond enlargement is not absolutely have to be nurtured. This is because most of pomfret fish food obtained from food additives or artificial. But if nurtured can use manure 25-50 kg/100 m2 and TSP 3 kg/100 m2. Manure used to be really ripe, so as not to be toxic to fish. After fertilization the work is completed, the pool filled with water as high as 2-3 cm and left for 2-3 days, then water pool plus a little by little until the initial depth of 40-60 cm and continue to be set to a height of 80-120 cm depending on the density of fish. If the water color is bright green, newly stocked fish (usually 7 ~ 10 days after fertilization).
SELECTION AND seeding. Preparation maintain both Fish Bawal
Selection of seed. Selection of seed is absolutely important, because only with a good seed fish will live and grow well. Before seeding the seeds spread needs to be adapted, with the aim that no fish under stressful conditions while in the pool.Way of adaptation: the fish that are still wrapped in plastic that is still sealed input into the pool, let it condense a plastic wall. It's a sign of water ponds and water in plastic has the same temperature, after which it opened the plastic and put in the pond water little by little into the plastic where the seed until the seed looks in good condition. Furthermore, the seed stocked / released in the pond slowly.
The quality and quantity of feed is very important in fish culture, because only with a good feed of fish can grow and develop in accordance with what we want. Good quality feed is feed yanq have a good balanced nutrition protein, carbohydrates and fats as well as vitamins and minerals. Because of pomfret fish are omnivores so food can be given foliage and form pellets. The feed is given 3-5% body weight (total weight of the estimated number of fish that are kept). Feeding can be stocked directly.
VOTING RESULTS Preparation maintain both Fish Bawal
Harvesting effort of fish augmentation can be performed after 4-6 months maintained pomfret, pomfret fish when it has reached a size of approximately 500 grams / head, with a density of 4 fish / m 2. Usually the tools used in the form of waring bemata wide. Pomfret fish harvesting the reservoirs should be in place a broad (not narrow) and the state of the water is always flowing

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