Looking for Travel Guide Appropriate Format - No, this article is not tips, but rather to an afterthought.
The trip always require research, but the trip was made to the area we've visited dozens of times or the information is really sticky, Äúluar head, Äù.
Each research trip in modern times is always preceded by the digital world: looking through search engines, download it if needed, and set the budget and travel plans through a digital device as well. In fact, ticket and accommodation bookings were made through the internet.
When it reached the location, what do we do? We opened a guidebook, which is also too there are digital versions. All embedded in a mobile application in small but charming. More broadly than that, there are tour guides who then load frills, Äúsosial, Äù, when we can share travel experiences with everyone even though other people do not come with us.
However, does all this fit with the character of the traveler? When we travel, what's become our primary focus? Enjoying the journey, is not it? Are we experienced on the sidelines of the journey that we do, we are busy looking at the display phones or hardware you have on hand?
Many mobile applications are even more suitable for use in developed countries are pretty good wireless internet connection so it can receive and send data constantly without any fuss. However, what happens when traveling in countries where wireless internet connection is bad enough, for example, Indonesia?
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Battery consumption is a major consideration. In addition, the availability of efficient data packets and quality into consideration the other. Not until we are busy looking for a data connection so that missed authentic experience.
What about the manual print version? Options are many and not have to depend on the data connection. It's okay, but my own experience suggests that the book includes not compact enough to carry around. Is perhaps appropriate that the book is small and the information is brief but accurate. The thick travel guidebooks tend to be more suitable to learn before traveling, or when it got time to spare.
Well, as if the ideal tour guide? In my opinion, a travel guide that should be easily accessible without relying physical connection or data that are too burdensome.Furthermore, it must travel guides provide honest information and provide education.
Education here is not meant patronizing, but invites viewers to participate in local interests in mind, for example, notify local businesses that are good to visit and buy produce, compared to shopping at shopping centers such as malls capitalist.
If the tour guide had to be portable, so make sure it does not interfere with the main trip and does not consume batteries too fast tool. If multimedia and visual elements are very overlooked, it is more suitable to be consumed when we are in a state of silence, such as on-site accommodation, or even in the planning process prior to travel.
One thing more to escape from most resorts is the storyline (storytelling). When presented with a wide selection of information, users do not necessarily know what is good for him. More than just a recommendation, travel guides should be able to deliver bottled interesting story to be followed by the user, like, Äúmenonton, Äù a film of life, or along a living museum.
For example, if you get around Jakarta, we can package it into a specific sequence, for example according to chronological historical narrative. In addition to learning about the history of textual, users can view the current condition of the sites visited.That way, he not only tried to meet his expectations, but also receive real conditions that exist and make it a lesson. It's all part of a large container called "Responsible travel".

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