Often enlarged veins (varicose veins), especially in the lower leg. Many factors are involved in the progression towards the condition. Do not worry, some of the ways you can do to prevent varicose veins in the legs.
Several factors are involved in the formation of varicose veins are gender, age, pregnancy and offspring. Women are more prone to varicose veins than men.Varicose veins occur when blood is not flowing properly through blood vessels in the legs.
There are two main types of blood vessels in the legs, which is located in the superficial veins under the skin and veins are located deeper inside. Superficial veins including saphenous veins long and short.
Saphenous vein which is connected to blood vessels deep in the leg with perforator vein. When blood does not flow well from superficial veins into deep veins, the pressure can occur in the area. This causes the blood collected or pooled in the superficial veins.
When this occurs, the affected blood vessels called varicose veins. However, some lifestyle changes can help prevent varicose veins.
Some ways to prevent varicose veins in the legs as quoted from eHow Health, Friday (12/16/2011), among others:
1. Stand up straight
Good posture can help reduce the pressure in the blood vessels in the legs.
2. Maintaining ideal body weight
Being overweight can cause the entire circulatory system work harder, which in turn can increase the pressure in leg veins.
3. Keeping the feet so as not crossed when sitting
Legs are crossed can slow blood flow back to the heart, thereby increasing the pressure on the inside of the leg veins.
4. Exercise regularly, choose a lightweight sports activities
Mild sports activities, can be like walking, cycling rowing and swimming. These activities will increase overall blood circulation without adding pressure to the blood vessels.
5. Avoid standing in one place for long period of time
If the job requires you to stand in a long time, such as bank tellers can use mild compression hose. Mild compression hose is a type of blood tube that helps pump blood more efficiently to return to the heart.
6. Stretch your legs if you have to sit in a long time
Rotate your ankles and Flex your toes when sitting.
7. Wear clothes that are not too tight at the waist, groin, or legs.
8. Avoid too often wear high heels
Undue pressure on the lower leg can cause constriction of blood flow from the legs back to the heart.
9. Raise your feet 6-12 inches above the heart when lying down
The position allows blood in the lower leg to flow easily back to the heart, heart valves and reduce the work.
10. Avoid high-estrogen pills for birth control
The pill can reduce the ability of the heart valves to close.
Symptoms of varicose veins can vary. Some people may have no symptoms at all.
Symptoms of varicose veins that may arise, among others:
1. Pain or discomfort in the legs
2. Swelling in the ankle
3. Blue or purple colored lumps under the skin of the feet

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