Have 9 tattoos, Stevie Dominique Identical Roles Naught on -There is a striking of the body section of emerging artists, Stevie Dominique. The body of former finalist Aneka magazine cover girl in 2007 was decorated with lots of tattoos.
"I have nine tattoos in your body. And I always make a tattoo is meaningless," explains Dominique when met at Jalan Wahid Hashim, Jakarta, recently.
Complete the first tattoo artist named Stevie Dominique Jolie was made on his back in 2009. Hobbies decorate your body with tattoos girl from Bandung was obtained from parents who also have tattoos.
"Incidentally tattooed mama and papa. First my tattoo on his back, drawing Geisha praying. There are women who think Eminem was contemptible, so I made a tattoo," he explained.
In addition geisha tattoo, there is also a lily flower tattoo, Priceless Diamond and Ankh. "This is Lily because she likes to buy Lily at home. This live, Priceless diamonds and this tattoo for life. Ankh is always used as a symbol of Cleopatra," explains the artist was born July 29, 1989.
Due to have a lot in body tattoos, star in the film Died Young Widows Hugs has always been an antagonistic role as bad girl. "Because tattoo or face failure by the role of antagonist and naughty girl. Tato slightly inhibited anyway. Actually, I'm a mellow person," he concluded.

Stevie Dominique (Foto: wendramanagement)

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