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Google Music Start Broadcasting - Competition between Google and Apple be more open after the launch of Google Music as a service of digital music sales. This new service will be a competitor, good for Apple's iTunes and similar services fromAmazon. Online music sales service by Google that opened on Wednesday (11/16/2011) or eight years after Apple released its iTunes service. For a while, this new service available free in the United States. Digital songs can be enjoyed through the Android Market, Android-based phones, while applying the service forAndroid tablet PCs will soon be opened. Android users also have the opportunity to upload songs from your Android device.
This service was established in cooperation with Google's top three music labels,namely Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and EMI Music. Googlewill provide 8 million songs from all three music industry and will membanderolnya aprice of 99 cents to 1.29 dollars for each song downloaded.
"Working closely with Google in the sale of our songs is a breakthrough. We hopethis will be a source of new revenue for our artists," said Robert Wells as Presidentof Global Digital Business at Universal Music.

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