The gadget addicts infected with the disease - Users of smartphones and tablet began an unusual disease. This disease appears due to the gadget screen too long stake. Want to know?
Increasingly growing number of diseases such as gadget users create 'text neck' and 'text thumb injury' rife among gadget addicts. British health experts warn, these injuries occur due to too long looking at the small screen.
Not only that, the disease arises because of typing on small keys. Worse, such injuries are increasingly common as growing high-tech gadgets are increasingly popular in the community as quoted by ST.
In the UK, more people have Internet access via smartphone than from a regular computer. According to You Gov, 44% of Britons use their smartphone for activities other than to call between 30 minutes to two hours a day.

The gadget addicts infected with the disease
The results obtained from a survey on 2034 adults in September. "I have a patient with inflammation of the tendons on the thumb due to the use of smartphones and she could not use the hand for several weeks because of illness," said TimHutchful of the British Chiropractic Association.

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