For the sake of Advertising, Twitter Changing Faces - Twitter Inc., 140-character microblogging service, redesigning their website. This new format is optimized for the sponsors.
One of the flagship features of this new format is how it looks simpler. "We want to offer simplicity in an increasingly complex world," said Dick Costolo, Chief Executive Oficer Twitter as quoted by Kompas Tekno from Bloomberg, Sunday(11/12/2011).

For the sake of Advertising, Twitter Changing Faces
In the new look, users will be faced with a number of tabs at the top of the screen.This is Home, Connect and Discover.
Home is the main display that shows linimasa (timeline) users. Connect display things like Mention and other interactions (retweet, favorite).
Well, the Discover is presumably optimized for advertising. Here there are such things as trending topic until the "advice" of Twitter such as, for example, who need to follow.
In addition, there is a section named Me. Here there are such things as personal profiles of users, Direct Messages and content that users have uploaded to Twitter.
According to research firm eMarketer Inc., Twitter will produce 139.5 million U.S. dollars this year from advertising. Their predictions, Twitter ad revenue in 2012 willreach 259 million U.S. dollars, up 86 percent of revenue this year.
Sources: Bloomberg

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