Dewi Persik Denies Dating With Diego Michiels - Michiels Diego seems to be an idol not only for lovers of football only. But he wassuch a national icon so it becomes a magnet for everyone to try to approach it, not least with celebrities.
After the appearance of photographs with Nikita Willy and Rahma Azhari, now dangdut singer, Dewi Persik did not want to miss. Surely everyone knows by dangdut singer on this one. At every appearance, whether in film or on the gig, he was always full of sensation.

dewi persik dan Diego Michiels bermesraanUnlike other artist friends who declined to comment when their personal photos sosantapanpublik, Dewi Persik were more willing to respond. Dewi Persik admitted that the photo along with one of the U23 national team's best defender Diego Michiels just friendship."It was a picture satnite Diego Depe and intimate look at one of the international entertainment clubs hanging out in Plaza Indonesia," said Dewi Persik when contacted by reporters on Monday (5 / 12).According to Dewi Persik, there was no special relationship between them,although the issue of proximity exists. He was also not overly concerned with the criticism that will be received about the spread of the photo.
"Not seeing, still five years away I think about it. Anyway it's been a lot of photos that have, have a lot of my photos by Diego circulating in cyberspace networking(twitter)," said ex-wife Saipul Jamiel.


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