CARRIER IQ CONTROVERSY EXPOSED - That’s just a fact you have to live with if you are going to be part of our communications infrastructure.  It’s kind of the price for admittance.  It tracks your queries and searches from Google and Yahoo and just about anywhere disregarding any encryption.  And, it records your passwords as well.

The spyware is included on most Android phones, Nokia and Blackberry phones.  It tracks your usage for the wireless carriers and handset manufacturers and its not just logging anonymous data but everything.  Carrier IQ software never ask you if you want it on or not.  It is just there at a very deep level.  It works when using WIFI, 3G or any kind of network connection.  Wow, now that’s an amazing feat in itself.

Traces of Carrier IQ have been found in iOS as well.  I’m sure we’ll have more on Apple and Carrier IQ later.  It seems like it might be disabled on the iPhone by default, so says one source.

IQ Carrier might only be limited to the US, but we are kind of doubting that since handset manufacturers are interested in making money all around the world and how else are they going to know where their phones are without some sort of software tracking device?

Carrier IQ’s web connection is encrypted but it sends data in plain text.  I don’t quite understand this part.  They say the software sits between the user and the browser so that’s how it can intercept and send in plain text.  The problem is that is a security hole, because if legitimate software companies can do this also illegitimate malicious software writers can do the same.  I might be jumping to conclusions a bit here but that’s just my opinion.  Also, now that this information is out there will be plenty of hackers trying to take advantage of this flaw if there already aren’t.  Just think how valuable this information would be to handset manufacturers and wireless providers.  If I were one of these companies I would love to know what my competitors stats looked like.

Thus, the Orwellian reality of modern existence has another page today.  Let’s just end this with a quote from Nokia’s PR agency,

“I know you’ve followed today’s news that software from CarrierIQ has been found on Nokia devices. I wanted to quickly reach out following your story to let you know that in fact, CarrierIQ does not ship products for any Nokia devices. Therefore, these reports are inaccurate.”


You be the judge.  Do you believe it?

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