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Biography of Agnes Monica
Full Name: Agnes Monica Muljoto
Gender: Female
Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: Jakarta, July 1, 1986
Always innovative and dynamic in music and won a series of achievements, is not wrong if placing Agnes Monica as an artist's top homeland.
Multitalented artist who started his career as a singer is not only good at playing vocals, but a girl born July 1, 1986, is also good at acting, EARLY MARRIAGE proven soap opera that starred with Sahrul Gunawan made his name increasingly bounced.
Photo of Agnes Monica
The decision to leave college and more focus on the entertainment world was not in vain, Agnes successfully won prestigious awards like 'Most Favorite Female MTV 2006 and "Best Female Solo Artist" and "Rhythm & Blues Singer Best" AMI Award 2006.
A total of five awards disabet Agnes throughout 2006, and elected him as the 'Most Popular Actress 2006'.
Not satisfied with the award he gets, the star of this mystery, ambition for Go International. To support his ambitions, Agnes tried to try out acting in films THE HOSPITAL who starred with Jerry Yan, and honing his vocal power by cooperating with Keith Martin on the album Whaddup A. ..?!
Achievements and responsibilities of the field that they do make the LG Electronics Indonesia kesengsem and chose Agnes to become ambassadors of their products over the next few years.
On May 15, 2007, Agnes became a singer opening Boyz II Men concert in Senayan, Jakarta. Previously planned duet Agnes Vanya, Maurice, Shawn, but because there is no preparation, collaboration is not completed.
Lama did not appear on the screen, in the year 2008 Agnes return to acting on screen. He starred in the film beautiful and MASS WEDDING. Agnes on-screen appearance is also to treat his fans who rarely see it appear. Because he has more perform in a show-show to sing, even he arrived in Korea to do the show to sing.
Artists who had gossiped with Bams Samson and Afghan singer proves his musical quality is still viable counts. In the event the MTV Indonesia Awards 2008 awards, Agnes won the award for Most Favorite Female through a single Matahariku.
September 2008, Agnes re-launch the new album, nez. Interestingly this album contains only two tracks, namely single Matahariku who also became patron beautiful soundtrack and single Godai I Again.
Price CD album is also very affordable only Rp15.000. This is because Agnes want to reduce piracy in Indonesia. And just a month within a single Matahariku RBT has been activated by 1.5 million mobile phone users in Indonesia.

Agnes Monica FotoIt never stopped performing. At the end of 2008, Agnes began to gain recognition for their work in the country music world. This time he was named the favorite singer in the arena of Indonesia Kids Choice Award 2008.
Agnes proves he is able to maintain performance. In March 2009, his name became one of Class Music Heroes award recipients. And he became the youngest person to receive this award.
Back, Agnes launched the new album. Beginning April 2009, he launched the album entitled Sacredly Agnezious. Unlike the previous album, the album that this Go ahead single candidate he launched in two versions, contains 10 tracks and 13 tracks. Interestingly, here Agnes directly involved Agnes Monica hotas a producer.
Has just released the newest album, Agnes was panning for achievement. Agnes was named as a solo singer terdahsyat version Strikes Award event which took place on 19 April 2009.
The news closeness between Agnes and pesinetron Rezky Aditya is widely heard.Agnes did admit the closeness of their relationship, because he and Rezky was incorporated in the gang of friends, Cheers gang. Mid-October, Agnes and Rezky seen out together at a mall in Jakarta.

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