5 Habits That Can Damage Hair Beauty : Without realizing it, there are many daily habits that have adverse effects on the health of hair. In order to damage the hair did not get worse, try to avoid the followinghabits:

1. Combing wet hair >> Habits That Can Damage Hair Beauty
As quoted from CareFair.com, wet hair its strength is reduced. Combing the hairwith a comb brush after shampooing will actually make the hair breakage or loss.We recommend using a finger comb to straighten your wet hair. Once dry, the newtrim with a brush comb.

2. Towel dry your hair with too tight >> Habits That Can Damage Hair Beauty
When drying your hair with a towel, do not rub too hard. The reason is similar tocombing wet hair at the time: brushing hair too fast will only make the break andeasy branching.

3. Tying hair too tight >> Habits That Can Damage Hair Beauty
The hair is tied too tight will become brittle. Nutrition Hair will not spread if it is always perfectly tied too tight. Tie your hair gently and tighten the bond sufficiently. It can also prevent hair from hair loss - due to be interested during the binding process.

4. Sleeping with hair tied >> Habits That Can Damage Hair Beauty
Hair growth cells are more active when we sleep. Therefore, hair fall asleep in a state bound to make the hair cells can not be active all the beauty of your hair so itbecomes less. Sleeping with hair bound can also make hair tangled in when you wake up. As a result, the hair will be difficult to set.

5. Hair dryer temperature too high >> Habits That Can Damage Hair Beauty
Dry your hair with too high a temperature will make it dry and brittle. Occasionally,dry hair to set it does not matter. But it should not be done every day. Better winds to dry hair. Some products also provide a hair dryer feature that lets you adjust the temperature as desired. Fit at the lowest temperature to maintain healthy hair.

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