nail artYou can’t wear one colour across the body. So why stick to it when it comes to the nails? Paint intricate patterns, go 3-D, get crystals encrusted — nail art has never been this big. City salons are spicing up the style with both sexy and soft designs, and there’s now a nail bar in just about every

neighbourhood. But, before you begin, there’s a lot you need to know. 
All in the details
“Earlier, it was just about clothes and the jewellery you wear. Now, adorning nails with Swarovski crystals and vibrant nail paints is part of decking up. The prices of this service differ on the basis of quality, products used and the technique,” says make-up artist Samantha Kochhar.
For those who think they’re creative enough to give it a shot at home, beauty expert Vishwashanti Shreshta, who also runs a salon called Hair N Shanti, has a word of caution. “While nail art can be done at home, it is always advisable to get it done from professionals because of simple reasons, like it requires great amount of talent and patience,” she says. So, unless you believe that abstracts look as good on claws as they do on canvas, visit the salon.

Quality and quirk
Just as clothes and accessories, it’s detailing that defines good nail art. “Nail art is not simple drawing. It is done with special paints — acrylic colours that have a high gloss level —  to achieve the best results. Also, it is done using special brushes. They are fine brushes made of pure sable hair.

You can’t expect to do nail art with nail polishes and the brushes they come with, or with imitation brushes made of pig hair. Using a toothpick will also not get you the desired results,” says Sunil Bajaj of Kiana Nail Academy says. So stay away from the wrong stuff lest your experiment goes all awry.

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